A Winter Walk on Presidents Day

Bluebird Conditions

As I started my walk this afternoon, the sky was without a cloud in sight. A spectacular bluebird winter afternoon. The rich blue background brings out the fractalled webbing of the trees. Depending on the side of the path I was shooting, the color of the sky would shift as much as the trees. In photos with darker tress the sky appears a light blueish undertone, with lighter trees you see a much deeper blue that contrasts nicely with the trees.

Forest Treescapes

I ended up taking a few photos of the entangled chaos that is a young forest. I find it oddly satisfying to see so much chaos in the orderly form of a photograph. The last one was my favorite photo from the day. I like the way that the lighting brings out the details in the trees and you get strong lines all over the place. I entitled it Natural Chaos.

Natural Chaos

The Way Back

The shot that I got of the lake was not very good and it had too much of other people’s houses in it to publish here. The benefit of the day though, was that on my way back, the sun was behind me and it allowed for some great lighting. As the sun was going down the light reflecting on the trees became a deeper and deeper orange. Along the path I got a mix of shadow and light, creating some interesting photos. You can see how the sky gets a deeper and deeper blue.

Birch Entanglement

Oh Sh*t, There’s the Moon…

As I turn around and begin taking some of the photos with the sun to my back, I pivot a little bit and all of a sudden, the moon is in the shot. Naturally it became a subject I would revisit for the rest of my trip home.

Thanks for making it this far. Hope you enjoyed them. I took these with my Canon T8i with the kit lense set to mostly 50ish mm.